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Today our delegates wrapped up their final sessions at 10am this morning and then we had some breakfast and began packing up. Closing ceremonies began at noon and while NMH didn't receive any special recognition Andrea and I could not be more proud of all of their hard work. All four of our students represented NMH in the best way possible and will be returning to campus very tired, but excited to be back.

Ayleen Cameron, our senior delegate, has attended 7 Model UN conferences during her four years at NMH. Her expertise and words of wisdom were appreciated by our younger delegates who will continue to represent NMH in the coming year(s).
Ayleen enjoying some downtime on the train!

As we head back we are all very thankful for this opportunity that NMH has given us.

Linh resting and enjoying a snack. 
Johnnason and Melanie laughing while eating Kim's wasabi almonds!!