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We have safely arrived in the Central Region. Before we enter the next stage of the program, a few more reflections and images from our fantastic time at Dagbe:

All together!

Jude Spencer ’21, on his immersion at Dagbe 
Jude & Destiny
“Being at Dagbe has been such an incredible experience; I have so much love for the people, the place, and so much more I desire to learn that I know I will be back sometime in my life. The staff really quickly welcomed and connected with me and seemingly everyone else in the program with such contagious, lovely warmth. They really appreciated the drive to learn and the talent in our group. I loved taking private drum lessons with George and Jackson because they were patient, honest, and encouraging. An example of their encouragement was when they said, “Don’t answer a question with a question; have confidence in your answer and yourself.” I’m so grateful that they let me play the lead drum and appreciated my desire to learn by displaying it. By the end, it was so hard to leave. They genuinely seemed that they would miss us, and I know I will certainly miss all of them."

 Dillon Stone '21 shares about his time in Kopeyia:
"Dagbe has been amazing, honestly I don’t know how else to describe it. Today we had our final performance and it went really well. The most significant thing for me was seeing all of our work come to fruition. At the beginning of the week we were outsiders and they were unfamiliar faces, and now they are close friends and teachers that brought us a long way."

Shameek Hargrave '20 reflects on his experience at Dagbe:
"As I have continued through my time at the Dagbe Cultural Center I have come to recognize my experience while insightful and mind opening, did not provide me with a complete picture of what life is like for my (quite literally) long lost brothers and sisters. Being of a small percentage of Ghanaian ancestry, I hoped for more than I now realize was possible. That being said, my perspective and worldview has undergone a large shift. For one, I have learned to dance and drum in ways I never imagined possible. Secondly, I have met real people AND learned their stories. I am a very curious individual who wants to know all he can and learning about the lives of others fulfills me. But most importantly, I have come to value my unique circumstance more. Learning that a haircut in Kopeiya is 60¢ (3 cedi), custom shirts $14 (70 cedi), and understanding the difference between the conveniences of my African-American lifestyle and that of Ghanaians has truly shocked me. Therefore I am, and will forever be grateful for this experience. "

Dillon & Akos

David, our basket making teacher... or hat maker?
A very special place!

Dancing Borborbor


Loading the bus to leave :(

Mamatoa, Gloria, Rose & Elizabeth,
 the incredible kitchen staff. 

Eliza, Godsway & Via

Afi & Destiny