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Saturday, April 13th saw 8 Toronto athletic teams in action, but it also saw the second full day of competition at WIDPSC (see post title if you don't understand the acronym). Speakers participated in a second round of the three events mentioned in post #2 AND a round of debate. It made for a long day of competition. At the end of the day's events, all delegates gathered downtown at the CN tower for dinner. Yes, at the top! The image here is courtesy of Patrick:

And here is a less than excellent view of coach, competitor, and sunset from the top:

And yes, the restaurant rotates. It went around twice during dinner if you are curious.

Today the preliminary rounds concluded with the second session of parliamentary extemporaneous debate, and we relaxed in rainy Toronto. Tomorrow morning we'll find out which speakers have made the finals. Keep your fingers crossed for Patrick and the rest of the U.S. team. There'll be an update as soon as we know!