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We made it to Belize after a very early start and long morning of travel!  Although tired, we are excited to be here!  The kids showed increasing enthusiasm as we got closer to San Antonio! 

Here are some initial single word impressions from the group:

Emma (a.k.a. "the birthday girl"): Beautiful!
Brian: Amazing!
Thalia: Excited!
Jennie: Sunny!
Jordan: Colorful!
Noah: Hot!
Kelly: Enthusiastic!
Ayleen: Bright!
Micah: Familiar!
Rafa: Humid!
Emily: Community-centered!
Clara: Tropical!
Zari: Peaceful!
Haydn: Exquisite!
Taylor: Phenomenal!

We are particularly happy to have gone
 from this....                                                               To this!   More posts coming soon!!