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Nov 12 Praia do Forte, Brazil  (Campbell, Rosey, Stephen)

We started out the day by visiting a local public high school in Praia do Forte. We interacted with the students through various songs and dances that we had previously prepared. The students at Praia do Forte opened the presentation with a solo song in english, that was sung beautiful by a young girl. They also sung Redemption Song by Bob Marley since they are focusing on Black Consciousness in their studies. After the song and dance presentation, they allowed us time to mingle with and get to know the students. This was a interesting experience because a majority of the students spoke no english, so we were forced to communicate through google translate. We then said goodbye and headed to lunch with eight of the high school students.

We ate lunch with the students and learned more about them and their lives in Brazil. We then walked to the beach down a very beautiful path with many shops lining it. We got to the beach and had an hour for free time. We taught some of the Brazil students a game we play called taps. They taught us a game that they play too. It was fun to share with each other what we do for fun. Once we got out of the water we dried off and walked down the beach cleaning up trash. We ended up with 6 bags of trash that we picked up off the beach. After we walked back through the beautiful path to our hotel.

Before dinner, we listened to a presenter speak on pollution in the water. It inspired many of us to find an idea for our Bio project. We then ate the local pizza which we all enjoyed. Fortunately, after dinner, we got free time to walk around and explore the town. Some of us went shopping and some got gelato. It was great to hang out with friends and have a relaxing end to the day.

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  1. This whole trip sounds amazing! I bet hanging out with the high school students was a highlight. Thank you for the wonderful updates and photos! The Dunn-Feiner family