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Brazil Itaparica day two Nov 9  Adam, Eliza, Ollie

Last night we stayed at a new hotel in the colonial region of Itaparica. We had a view of the ocean and there was a pool. Some of us even woke up at 5am to watch the sunrise before falling back to sleep again. This morning was our first time swimming at the beach. All excited, we woke up and went to the beach at 8am. This was a time that we could relax and swim and hangout with each other. The water was very warm and calm with almost no waves. At the beach some people also played soccer. We spent about an hour and a half on the beach and we took lots of pictures. Then we went back to the hotel and got ready for the remainder of the day.

After leaving the hotel, we went to Professor Javier Escudero's wife Patricia’s parents house. We met up with the capoeira masters from Thursday and many more Brazilians, and with them we engaged in sports like volleyball and soccer. We also took the time to get to know many of the Brazilian people who were there, whether it was sharing music or speaking through google translate. Patricia and her family prepared a fantastic lunch of rice beans and brisket for us. And near the end of our time, many people got their hair braided by some of the Brazilian people. Overall it was a great time and a great experience interacting and sharing cultures with some awesome Brazilian people.

At their house we got to learn more capoeira and drumming, and dive further into it than we did the day before. Capoeira is a traditional Brazilian mix of dance and martial arts. We started with the ginga, the most basic capoeira move that is always taught first. From there we learned more flashy and intricate moves like cartwheeling alongside a partner and balancing in positions hovered over the ground. The sun was out and we were so very sweaty but everyone made it so fun that we didn’t want to stop. Some of us also learned how to play capoeira music. It was very hard at first because it was new for almost everyone but we really got into it and it felt like there was music playing in the background the whole time we were there.