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Brazil 2018: Praia do Forte Nov 14  (Lucy Kelci Arden)

This morning we woke up a little later side at 9am and had another delicious breakfast at our hotel! Then we walked through the town and to the Tamar Project for turtles. We were given time to walk around and explore this beautiful outdoor aquarium. There were five main types of turtles that we saw that live along the coast of Praia do forte during parts of the year. They all varied in size and the patterns on their shell and were very graceful creatures. Some of the other animals we saw included sharks, fish, and sting rays. After observing all these animals we all hit the gift shop and bought  presents for our friends, family, and ourself!!!

After shopping in Praia do forte, we were on our way to Leuro de Freitas. Javier told us the ride would be around 50 minuets, probably due to traffic it was more like an hour and 40 mins. It was a fun ride for our bus, with leah, eliza, elijah, ollie, kelci (me), stephen, alec and rosey. We were all pretty tired for the first part of the ride until the end when Kim and Jensi played some jams for us. Then we finally arrived to our beautiful hotel and had a great dinner. Javier treated us with some cookies and some of us took a trip to mcdonald’s for a late night snack. Overall we had a really great last night, we’re all gonna miss the warm weather.

After lunch we traveled to the humpback whale institute. Isabelle who is a biologist from the institute gave us a presentation on the facts and habits of humpback whales. Fun fact: whales can hold their breath for 30 minutes. After, we took a group picture and suddenly our butts started to burn. We later realized that there were fireants in the benches we sat on. Don’t worry though, it only burned for a little while. Next we went shopping for twelve minutes. Then we got on the bus to go to Lauro De Freitas.