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Brazil 2018: Praia do Forte Nov 13  (Ines Celia Jess)

We started the morning by going to a fort that was built by the Portuguese colonizers in the 16th century. We explored the site, and tried to guess what the areas were used for. There were many arches throughout the structure, and even found the remnants of a dungeon. Once we talked about what we saw, we moved under a tree that was centuries old. This tree was an interesting natural part of history and could be connected to a orixa in the Candombl√© religion.

After we learned about the fort, we travelled to a part of the Atlantic Forest, where we walked down a short path and picked up trash in order to fulfill our class motto of leaving areas we visit better than how we found them. We discovered that there were many plastic cups polluting the forest. We filled up eight trash bags from just a ten minute walk. Once we finished cleaning, we met a man who spent his life living in the forest. He recited a poem about the history of the land that is his home.

Next we planted three trees in the Atlantic Forest. We planted some Brazil wood, which is a tree that had been decreasing in population since people using the wood. Students were part of planting the tree, and we were taught how to properly plant the trees. After watering the trees, we headed to lunch at the house in the Forest that this man lived at. We had a nice lunch and even tried some fresh acerola fruit from the tree he was growing. We then finished the day with a trip to the beach.

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  1. This sounds like an incredibly authentic and unique experience! I can't wait to hear more.