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                                      Blog post written by Alice Villano.  
  1. Jumping back to Wednesday, we had a very notable day. I woke up to many kind birthday wishes, a crown from Atta, and a special message on my door from Lily. The sweetest surprise was the children at the morning assembly, who gave me their special rendition of “Happy Birthday” topped off with some flowers and a card. We had slightly shortened classes because of our afternoon outing, so our morning went quick. Before we knew it we were packed into two cars headed out to Dehradun. The afternoon mission was to buy some sarees and kurtas! We will be having a celebration on Saturday and want to make sure we look the part. When we got to the shop there were a million colors to choose from. Most of us were basking in the different choices, taking our sweet time, while others (the boys) looked bored and unimpressed. If I am remembering correctly, Ryan took a nap! Luckily, Jim dragged the boys away to do their own shopping across the street. The girls continued trying on various colors, mixed with jewels and beautiful embroidery. About an hour later, we had all picked out the perfect Saree and the boys had returned with their kurtas! Our next stop fulfilled all my birthday wishes, we went to McDonald's. Finally, we would be eating some American food. We all got fries, ice cream, and even chicken! Truly satisfied with our day out on the town we headed back to Joybells. We all got some rest and rallied for dinner. This particular dinner came later than usual, so we spent a couple hours running around, playing games, and dancing to music with the kids. By the time dinner came most of them were pretty drained. One of the girls, Saydima, gave a wonderful prayer and then we dug into our spicy pasta and fried rice. Just as everyone was ready to go to bed three cakes were brought out, that is right, three! One was even made special at Joybells. Everyone got some cake, but I think we were all happiest when it was time for bed. Many hugs were given and then we all retired to our rooms. It was a very successful birthday!