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Internet access in India has been very challenging because the fierce winds and dust storms that occurred
before we arrived took down many of the transmission towers. Things have slowly gotten repaired and we are
finally able to post our blog entries once again.

Our arrival at Joybells late on Thursday afternoon was nothing less than joyful, as we were greeted by the
children who had prepared flower wreaths for our hair, a song and beautiful handmade cards and posters to
welcome us. Although we have only been here two and a half days, the NMH students have already made
many close, loving connections with the children and have taken on their roles of classroom teachers with
enthusiasm and creativity.  Following 2 days of teaching and sports, we had a s’mores party with the children
around the campfire last night (we carried all the ingredients from the US!), followed by a singing competition.
The Joybells children sang one song, we sang another, and back and forth until the first group ran out of songs
declaring the other group the winner. Unbeknownst to us and the Joybells kids, our group this year is full of
tremendous musical talent and energy (the s’mores no doubt added to the latter!) and the singing competition,
which started at  8:30 PM, was still going on at 11:45 when we declared it a tie. Competition here is fun and lively,
so I expect we’ll have another one soon.

Our NMH group is also a talented force on the soccer field, and for the first time in many years, we are truly a
match for the children. This morning, we cooked them a pancake breakfast with maple syrup from the NMH farm.
Lily gave an engaging presentation about the process of making maple syrup since it is an unfamiliar food to the
children. The NMH students are currently busy creating their lesson plans for the coming week and looking forward
to their developing friendships with each other and the children with each passing day.



  1. Looks as if you are having an amazing time. Stay healthy and have fun

  2. Love these photos! Thanks for sharing!

  3. it's so good to hear from you guys!