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         Blog Post: written by Alanna Duprez

On Thursday, we had another day of shortened classes to leave time in the afternoon for a special
trip to see some temples in Dehradun with the Joybells kids. After an hour bus ride full of music and
singing, we got to our first temple, the Hindu temple. When we went in, there were dozens of bells
above our heads that everyone was ringing in order to call the spirits. After the Hindu one, we went to
a Buddhist temple; it was so colorful and beautifully detailed with little paintings all over the ceilings and
the walls. There were dozens of gold Buddhas of all different designs. Then we went and saw how rugs
were made here in India. We watched the Tibetan refugee women weaving handmade 100% wool rugs.
The detail that went into the designs was incredible.

      On Saturday, we had our normal day of classes and then our wonderful saree party at night. The
kids put on a beautiful dance and music performance for us full of Japanese, Russian and Indian pieces.
After that, we changed into our sarees with the help of the Joybells girls. After we paraded around like a
fashion show for the kids, we spent the night dancing and having fun. It was an unforgettable time!


  1. Looks amazing. You all look fantastic in your sarees too.

  2. It looks wonderful, thank you for the post. Safe travels home.