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At the top of the Eiffel Tower
The group left France earlier today. We are grateful to have had such a wonderful experience abroad and are happy to be returning to our various homes around the globe. This last post comes with a reflection from Coy Tarbell '19 on our two final days in Paris:

The group at Versailles

Mardi, nous avons visité la Musée d'Orsay. C'etait plus petite que la Louvre mais parce que c'etait petite, nous avons vu tous les arts. Mecredi, nous avons visité le chateau de Versailles. C'etait très grand et très beau. J'aimais les fontaines et jardins. Après le chateau, nous sommes allés a la Musée Rodin où il y avait beaucoup des scuptures aussi que le penseur. Pour Finir la jour et notre voyage, nous sommes allés a la sommet de la tour Eiffel où nous avions une très belle vue de Paris.

Tuesday, we visited the museum of Orsay. It was much smaller than the Louvre, but because it was smaller, we were able to see everything. Wednesday, we visited the palace of Versailles. Of course, it was huge and beautiful. I enjoyed the fountains and gardens. After the palace, we went to the Rodin museum, which had many sculptures such as the thinker. To finish the trip, we went to the top of the Eiffel tower where we had a very beautiful view of Paris.