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Post written by Abner Parzen '21 潘柏楠:

Greetings from ZhengZhou!  On June 5th, we traveled via high speed train from Xi'an to ZhengZhou in the Henan province, where we met up with Tony and 3 students enrolled in SIAS University, an international college founded in 1998. After checking into the SIAS University hotel, we enjoyed a long dinner where we had the chance to try the traditional ZhengZhou dish, 烩面(Huì miàn)which is a soup dish filled with one long, thick noodle about a inch wide and a meter long. The next day we enjoyed a campus tour led by the students who met us at the train station. SIAS University showcases a number of different architectural styles to accommodate and help the 26,000 students who attend there feel comfortable. That afternoon we met Gary Todd, a professor of SIAS University and expert collector of ancient Chinese bronze artifacts, handing us bronze artifacts thousands of years old. Professor Todd gave us a crash course on Chinese history, covering every dynasty and many emperors and Kings. Soon, we will transfer to host families. However, we will return to SIAS University later next week.