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Post written by Cole Ammons '19 and Walter Ainsworth '20:

After a seven hour train ride from ZhengZhou, we arrived in the sparkling, new metropolis of ShenZhen. Only 36 years old, it's known as the Silicon Valley of China, housing such companies as Huawei and Ten Cent. We arrived late in the day, heading directly to our first meal of Southern cuisine, which we found to be plain and flavorless compared to our earlier meals, which is not to say it tasted bad.

The next day, our first and only full day in town, begun with a trip to Splendid China, a theme park with scaled down versions of China's most famous landmarks and attractions. We revisited old favorites such as the Great Wall and Shaolin Temple, and some new places, including the Stone Forest and Longmen Grottoes. For lunch we had another full meal of Southern food, but had pigeon meat. Afterwards, we went to the beach and, to varying degrees, had fun in the sun and waves. For dinner, we had Cantonese hot pot, where various meats and vegetables were boiled in rice water, along with some pu'er tea.

Overall, Shenzhen was a fun city, and we had a good time.