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Post written by Seiya Nakajima '19:

The NMH squad went to Deng Feng where we visited many places including the Pagoda Forest and Shaolin Temple. As for the pagoda we learned that every pagoda is built for famous monks whose followers donated money in order to make the pagoda bigger. So if the pagodas are tall, it means that whoever the pagoda was dedicated to had a lot of followers. There are also communal pagoda which are for multiple monks that does not have many followers. As for the Shaolin temple, we encountered a tree which has a saying that if you take a picture with it alone, you will be single as in relationship forever. Obviously nobody wanted to be single forever so I did not see anyone take a picture with it.(let me know if you have). Also at the temple we saw the Shaolin Zen Music Festival which was for me one of the most fantastic shows I have ever  watched in my life. It included well coordinated dances by many girls, live action of boys using long staffs and also floating old man. Over all I enjoyed the experiences in Deng Feng and I hope I get to see the music festival again. 

On June 14th, the NMH squad visited Millennium City Park or Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden in Kaifeng. In it, we watched many shows including the opening ceremony music, water puppet, fighting show using horses etc. I thought the shows were really interesting and well done however I also thought many of the shows were way too short. After visiting the park, we went to the night market to eat dinner. It included shao long bao, lamb on a stick, sesame bread, etc. Although I did not eat any food because of my stomach I did drink a special plum juice which I thought was one of the best things I have had in China. It was so good I drank three cups of it. Overall I thought it was more on the interesting side of the spectrum. I hope to drink that juicy plum juice again. 

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