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       This Blog was created by Alanna Duprez with a little help from her friends.
OUR FIRST DAY IN NEW DELHI!! Today was jam-packed with sightseeing, shopping in markets and exploring the city. We first went to the Lotus Temple and it was absolutely beautiful! We sat in the temple in silence as people prayed and appreciated the peace of the surroundings. When we exited the temple Ryan was greeted by his fans and was standing outside of the temple taking pictures with locals. We are all still getting used to the heat so it was VERY hot today as we were in the city. We next went shopping in an Indian market, we all got Henna and bought elephant pants and a bunch of goodies for our families. Then we went to lunch and had amazing buttered naan (which was the highlight of the meal) we also had chicken and rice and potatoes and vanilla ice cream. Eli and Ryan wanted more spice, and asked for something to give the meal a little kick!! The waiter gave them green chili peppers and they both ate them whole (way to immerse themselves in the Indian culture!!) Then we went to the craft museum where we had our first personal Indian music show. They played very unique instruments and loved having an audience. They played enthusiastically while we awkwardly but happily danced. By this time the jet lag hit us all hard, and we were on the way back to the house. We all then took naps for a good three hours before dinner and then had a nice family dinner. We decided the day couldn’t be over yet, so we took a night time trip to a market near the house and bought some mangoes which were delicious!! It was a busy and tiring first day in New Delhi but an enriching cultural experience. We are ready for our long travels to Joybells orphanage tomorrow morning starting at 5 AM and excited to meet the kids! 

      -Alanna and the NMH team

At the Lotus Temple

Look at the mendhi (henna tattoos) 

Inspired by the life and vision of Gandhi 


  1. Thank you for the blog post Alanna. It sounds very exciting and culturally enriching. Don't you love the local markets? I look forward to keeping in touch with your journey by way of the blog. Cheers.

  2. Yes, thank you! Since I've never been to India, I can't pull a picture of it out my own experience. The blog and the pictures help me to visualize what you're doing. So helpful!

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  4. Nice post Alanna! Love the elephant pants! Have a wonderful trip ---- what an amazing experience!!!

  5. MMM- Mangoes! Enjoy the trip- I will be following your adventures!

  6. Hi everyone ... can't wait to read your first impressions of the kids at Joybells!