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Yesterday, May 30th, we said au revoir to Paris (for now) and bonjour to Strasbourg! We took a train that allowed us a picturesque view of the French countryside while we rested a bit more before our new adventure with our host families. The hosts met us right at the station in Strasbourg and they were off! [Scroll down for a few pictures of the scenery in Strasbourg and to read more about the last two days]

Strasbourg is a beautiful mix of French & German Cultures

The NMH students spent the afternoon and evening with their hosts and they became fast friends. Take a look at these reflections from Ngone Fall '19 and Maya Green '20 (with edits by Stephanie):

Ngone: "La famille de Sarah m'a conduit chez eux. Sur notre chemin, nous avons parlé de Strasbourg et de leur famille. Nous sommes allés à un marché bio et ils m'ont acheté tous mes aliments préférés. Quand nous sommes arrivés chez eux, Sarah et moi avons joué à l'UNO et aux cartes. Nous nous sommes montrés de nouvelles façons de jouer aux cartes. De plus, un amour partagé du rap francais et de la musique américaine nous a unifiés. J'ai passé une excellente journée!"

"Sarah's family drove me to their house. On the way there, we talked about Strasbourg and their family. We went to an organic market and they bought me all of my favorite foods. When we arrived to their home, Sarah and I played UNO and cards. We taught each other new ways to play cards. Also, we bonded over French rap and American music. I had an excellent day!"

Maya: "Aujourd'hui, nous sommes arrivés à Strasbourg! À la gare, j'ai rencontré mon étudiant d'accueil. Elle s'appelle Fatma et elle a quinze ans comme moi. Elle a un frère de 9 ans qui vit à Schiltigheim. Nous avons pris le bus au centre-ville de Strasbourg. Nous avons pris le bus au centre commercial pour faire du shopping. Nous avons marché beaucoup dehors et l'ami de Fatma est venu. Nous avons marché partout pour trouver un endroit pour changer l'argent. Finalement, nous avons acheté des tickets pour le bus et nous sommes arrivés chez Fatma. Nous sommes allés au super marché. Ensuite, nous avons mangé un repas turc appelé Sanma. C'était une belle journée! Strasbourg est très jolie. Dans le centre commercial, il y a mon magasin préféré, Pull & Bear. Aux États-Unis, il n'y en a pas. J'étais si heureuse!"

"Today [5/30], we arrived in Strasbourg! At the station, I met my host student. She is Fatma and she is fifteen years old like me. She has a brother, who is 9 years old and they live in Schiltigheim. We took the bus to downtown Strasbourg. We took the bus to the mall for shopping. We walked a lot outside and Fatma's friend came. We walked everywhere to find a place to change money. Finally, we bought tickets for the bus and we arrived at Fatma's house. We went to the super market. Then we ate a Turkish meal called Sanma. It was a beautiful day! Strasbourg is very pretty. In the mall, there is my favorite store, Pull & Bear. In the US there isn't one. I was so happy!"

Today, students visited classes with their hosts and met the chaperones for our own little "class."

After that, the group took another beautiful riverboat cruise, this time on the River Ill to check out the amazing city that is our home for the next week or so. We were lucky enough to take a cruise that was air conditioned and covered but, unfortunately, that meant it was a little challenging to take pictures.

Tune in this weekend for more pictures and to hear from another student about what we've been learning about the history of Strasbourg!

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  1. The two-level carousel is so pretty. Thanks for the great pictures.