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This morning saw the end of two and a half marathon days of speech and debate. After eight events spread over this time, the preliminary rounds are over and we await the morning light to see who will move on the the finals tomorrow. The morning session ended with group photographs of each nation's competitor's. An official team picture will follow, but here's one from my phone. Ellery and Patrick are more or less in the center.

After the team photo opportunities, we headed for Table Mountain. This picture, taken yesterday morning, shows the back side of the escarpment where we are staying. We drove around to the city center and up to the lower end of the tramway.

Here's a view from the top.

And here's another!

To no avail, the coaches tried to coerce some debaters to make the hike along the tabletop to the far end. Here are some flowers that they didn't get to see until now!

And here are the 5 US coaches, midway through the hike. Left to right: Karen Pleasant (Stoneleigh Burnham), Michael O'Donnell (Deerfield), Sarah Getchell (BB&N), Peter Weis (NMH), David Conti (Hotchkiss).

We had a splendid view of infamous Robben Island in the bay.

We retired to a Greek dining establishment and saw where we had been from our table.

The clouds rolled in as the sun set and the Ferris Wheel lit up. That's it for tonight. Looking forward to the finals and grand finals over the next two days. Yours from Cape Town, Coach Weis

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  1. Wonderful to be able to follow along! Looking forward to hearing more about your final days!