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At 5:00 a.m. last Saturday morning, two intrepid debaters Ellery Halsey and Patrick Rochford, as well as their coach left the snowflake-filled air of Northfield Mount Hermon for the sunny climes of Cape Town South Africa. Patrick's father kindly drove us to JFK, where we crossed paths with other elements of Team USA, from Hotchkiss and Kingswood-Oxford. After 30 hours of travel, we found ourselves here! This afternoon we register for theWorld Individual Debate and Public Speaking Championships, which begin bright and early tomorrow. We'll also gather with the rest of the US contingent, to dine, socialize, and look for photo opportunities. Meanwhile, you know you are in South Africa when...
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  1. ahh, we love Marmite! So glad you are there- we are excited for you!