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our last day in Spain!   |   Wednesday 15 November 2017   |   Málaga

Phuong gave a site report on Pablo Picasso.

Ayleen gave a site report on poet Federico García Lorca.

the streets of Málaga

Museo de Málaga: lots of ancient art and artifacts from the Málaga area

Browsing the galleries at the Museo de Málaga.  "Hey Meg, what does this say?"

It's time to drink up the sun before returning to wintry New England!

Lizzie and Kamila are pretty serious about their shades.

When we started playing "Ninja," the Spanish schoolchildren behind us joined in!

"What materials did you notice?" 
"What does vitreous mean?"

ruins of the Roman amphitheater at Málaga

Annika could have a future in live sculpture performance art.

Raheem tries out the violin at the Interactive Music Museum.

Caleb and Marcus made a stop at...Claire's Boutique?!  "We really need some earrings."

Lizzie Platzner's drawing of the "Busy Lizzie" flower

Meg, Angela, Raheem, and Jennifer

University of Málaga

Erick gave a site report on Miguel de Cervantes.

Sonia gave a site report on refugees.

sunset on the Mediterranean coast

Javier: "Guys, isn't that water cold?!"
NMH: "NO!  You have't been to Cape Cod in summer!"


  1. Can't wait to have you all back on campus. And I bet you can't wait for a week of rest. Thanks for sharing all the anecdotes and pictures!