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Day 9   |   11 November 2017   |   Cordoba

Reflections from Ly Nguyen, Ayleen Cameron, and Phuong Pham

Mezquita de Córdoba
La Mezquita de Córdoba

Reflection by Ly Nguyen 

Spain and Morocco have been really fun and exciting.  I learn new things every day this trip.  The information that I have been gathering helps me a lot with writing my final term paper.  The time we spent this week on creating an inquiry question was very useful.  After that day, I feel so much better and am ready to enjoy the trip more than I already had.

I have noticed some things about myself.  I'm uncomfortable when people stare at me or the group in general because I don't like being in the center of attention, but I have gotten used to it––or at least more comfortable.  I try to ignore people when they approach me to try to sell things or when a stranger tries to start a conversation or ask questions.

I also notice that I get really excited when I visit historical sites.  I like listening to the tour guides talking about every single detail of the church or palace and its historical context.  Moreover, I notice that all I do on the bus is sleep.  I have had such a busy schedule that the night sleep is not enough, so I use my bus time to get more rest.  I also notice that I have been really clumsy on this trip, more than normal.  In the span of two days, I dropped my phone three times, I fell four times, and my body hit an object three times.  I think it is because I am tired.

Some people on the trip have been feeling unwell at times, and I am glad that I'm okay.  I have been trying to stay healthy by drinking a lot of water, sleeping, and eating healthily.  I'm really trying to take care of myself.

Before the trip, I was worried that I might not be able to collect enough information for my term paper.  However, I have been finding information and working on planning out what I still want to know, so that makes me feel better.  Everything has been going well.

the walls inside the synagogue

Reflection by Phuong Pham

One new experience I've had on this trip is eating Moroccan and Andalusian food.  In America, we usually eat a one-course meal and each person has a separate portion.  Here, however, the meals are often very long-lasting and involve multiple courses.  To add to that, the meal time is usually much later than in America.  If in America we eat lunch at 11:30 and dinner at 5:30, here, it is normally three hours later than that.  I actually love family-style meals as they remind me of how we eat in my home country, Vietnam.  Here, we are usually already full after appetizers, but the food is too irresistible to stop. Sometimes we get way too full so that we become tired for the rest of the afternoon.  What we learned is to enjoy the tastes but not to push ourselves too much because the food we do not touch is donated to less fortunate people.  

the world’s largest paella!?

“All this for me?!”

Reflection by Ayleen Cameron 

I find that sometimes even when I’m in a wonderful place while traveling, I’ll wish I were somewhere else.  Right now, I wish I were in Stockholm.  I bet when I’m in Stockholm, I’ll wish I were in London.  Traveling allows me to broaden my horizons, but I find myself always wishing to be on the other side of the fence, where the grass is greener.  Where does that come from?  Some kind of internal flaw?  Is this a sign that I need to keep traveling?  Is this angst, or have I been awakened to my future?

I’ve always thought that traveling to a new place would be the panacea to any supposed distress.  No friends?  Move.  Don’t like your school?  Leave.  Hate the country?  Fly far away, never to be seen again.  But I guess traveling could be a double-edged sword.  You travel to a new place to escape the old and immerse yourself in your imaginings of the future.  But then again, no matter how far or fast you fly, you can never leave yourself behind.  

I’ve presented myself with a question I don’t have the experience or tools to answer.  I think I’ll find out—maybe in a couple of years—with more countries and more experiences under my belt.

pre-show with the Andalusian horses

Andalusian horse show at the Royal Stables of Córdoba

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  1. You are accomplishing so much in your travels! Here's to positive energy, rest, and recharging to make the most of the the remaining travel days. If you're getting tired today, think of your classmates running the 4.3 pie race with little bits of ice pellets falling from the sky. :)