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A trip to the Tibetan Buddhist Temple              Reflection: Saturday by Sophia Glazer 

Yesterday was Saturday at Joybells! It was a really incredible day of exploring - all of the NMH teachers and the kids went out of Joybells and into Dehradun. The bus ride was really fun with all the kids - we saw more of the daily life of the inhabitants of Dehradun. I still can’t get over how cows roam the streets, the traffic and way of life are just so different from America. It was hard to see because some cows are really malnourished and their ribs bones can be seen, the farmers don’t give the cows food, they let them graze the grasses. India is extreme: loud and hot and sticky and so much inequality and poverty. After the bus ride, we visited a beautifully intricate Tibetan Buddhist temple as well as a Hindu temple. I have to say I fell in love a little bit with the Buddhist temple and Buddhist ideologies. It was great having the kids with us, we all got assigned a student to be responsible for!! 


                After visiting the temples, we headed up the mountain to the Tibetan crafts village to see women making incredible rugs. However, we got a little lost! We went through the winding mountain road for too long and came across a Tibetan Refugee Village. It was a good experience; the kids really enjoyed walking through the town and seeing all the people that lived there! Once we realized we were in the wrong place, we got back on the bus and headed down the beautiful mountain road to the correct Tibetan village. The women who worked making rugs, worked for 10 plus hours a day, seven days a week and only received twenty dollars a month. It was so unfair and really upsetting. The rugs were so intricate and it takes one month for two women to make a complete rug. It was a great day and I am always so impressed by the kids!