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For many years, football (which we know as soccer) has been the favored game at Joybells. Some of the boys have become such good players that many of the other children only watch the games or play little games among themselves during the sports time in the afternoon. So, we decided to bring two basketball hoops this year with the expectation that they would be nailed up to a wall somewhere to see how the kids took to the game. But, Joybells traditions are different and things are always done in a proper way. A lot of time and energy was put into creating the metal poles to hold the hoops, digging two 4 foot holes in the hard ground, mounting them carefully in concrete, clearing the rocks by hand from the outdoor basketball court, and painting the lines on the backboards and court. All this work was done by hand by the children with our help. The court was opened last week with a ceremonial ribbon cutting event, and the game has become ever so popular even among the little ones. We hope you'll enjoy reading the reflection below by Anna Kennedy and seeing the pictures. 

Anna Kennedy, Reflection:  Basketball arrives at Joybells! 

When we came from the US, we brought two hoops to set up to teach the kids the sport of basketball. Setting it up became a huge process with the boys pouring concrete into the holes very late for two nights. When the day came to open the court, we attached a ribbon to the entrance and Atta and Jim cut it to officially open it up. Atta opened the court with a bang and made the opening shot from the free throw line. After that, we immediately started playing! We needed to teach the kids the basic rules and how to dribble and shoot but they quickly got the hang of it.

The past two days, I have been playing basketball all afternoon with a lot of the kids mainly, the girls and younger boys. Although I haven’t played basketball since PE class in middle school, I have been having loads of fun playing with the kids. It is a really nice set up with low scoring but competitive games. These games are the highlight of my day and it is so much fun to watch kids that aren’t able to play soccer have the chance to play basketball, a game where all of us are on the same level. 

Colonel SS takes a shot.

Jim Sir and Tashi dig a hole

Jack Sir carts away the dirt

Sophia Mam helps the girls clear rocks from the court

Chianna Mam and the girls clear rocks from the court

The big day arrives; the ribbon is cut! 

The play begins.

Ben Sir helps the little ones learn to dunk.