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      Life is settling into a routine of teaching and playing with the orphanage children.  This blog entry was created by Mary Wells. 

    Today is our third full day at the orphanage and our first day off. When we arrived Thursday night,  we were greeted with tea and flower crowns made by the children. Immediately upon our arrival, the kids were hugging us and introducing  themselves. They showed us our rooms and after we were somewhat settled in, we headed up to the soccer field. Half of the kids played soccer while rest of us hung out and discovered that the Joybells girls are amazing at braiding hair. 
       On our first full day at the orphanage, we began at 8 o’clock sharp with the morning assembly. The children sang and showed us their gratitude for our visit. They then took us on a tour of the school, showing us their rooms and the walking bridge to the farm. Classes were next and for the History team (Chianna Anna , and I) it was a full day of winging it. We began teaching the 3rd grade 4th graders, then we met with the adorable second graders. After a quick break we met with the 9th grade and finished with 7th. After classes, which ended at one, we had a traditional lunch of rice and curry. We then had the much anticipated rest time and took a walk to the convenience store down the road.  Laura, Audrey, Anna  and I all made the mistake of doing our laundry,  because later that night, we were given a preview of what the Monsoon season is like. The almost 90 mph winds blew dirt into our clean clothes, and in a panic they were thrown into Audrey and Minh’s room. Luckily, we were able to dry them the next day.

    Yesterday we had morning classes and the afternoon was again filled with dodgeball and soccer, this time without a storm. We art dinner with the kids which was followed by a dance party and star gazing. Today we ventured six miles from school and hiked up to a temple devoted to the Hindu god Shiva. From the temple, we could see the Joybells school, as well as a village house that had a swimming pool, something that the high heat welcomed.
 Later today we are going to a Sikh temple. So far the school has been amazing. The kids are so kind, and even when I sometimes get their names wrong, they sweetly correct me. We have been here for 4 days, and the connections I have made are already so strong. The rest of our time at the orphanage will be incredible. I can’t wait!