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Via Avery Smith:

Breakfast was again served at 7:45. Breakfast consisted of fruit, eggs, cakes, cheese, meat cold cuts, corn paste, tapioca pastries, and tropical fruit juice. The group met at 8:30 for a short bus ride to the Castelo Garcia d'Avila, the “Forte” of Praia do Forte.

First, the group looked around the fort’s museum. There were paintings, replicas of the fort before it was ruined, and models of sea turtles. After looking around the museum for about 30 minutes, we headed to the fort itself.

We stopped at the only intact part of the fort: the chapel. This was a small, 16th Century, renaissance chapel. A group of girls performed the piece, “For the Longest Time” because “The acoustics in the chapel were just too good not to perform a piece.”

We left the chapel and walked around the ruins. After everyone was done looking around, Javier lectured the group on all aspects of the fort. Javier finished lecturing us, and we attempted to leave, but the bus was broken. Javier called another bus. While we waited, the whole group played a game of frisbee.

Soon, the new bus arrived. It was significantly smaller than the first bus. We arrived at the rainforest and walked straight to the nature center. The forest guide gave us a presentation on the wildlife in the forest.

After the presentation, the group set off on the walk. Everyone was very quiet as not to scare any wildlife away. We ended up seeing three birds and a beautiful fruit from a sacred tree in the Yoruba religion. After some more walking, we came to a clearing where a man was selling coconuts. Javier bought everyone a fresh coconut. After drinking the water and eating the meat, the group completed the walk.

We walked into an indigenous community where we ate lunch. At lunch, an innocent looking chicken unleashed its wrath and sent the whole group plummeting into the fiery abyss.

Via Aïssatou Thiam: (major content updates)

After we were all roasted by a chicken, the poet Adaulto gave a presentation on his life in the forest.

Then, most of the group played a game of soccer with some of the kids at the community center.

We then worked as a team with the same kids to clear litter and trash from the main forest road as we walked to the guide Cassio's house.

Once at Cassio's, we spent some time working in his garden planting new seeds and trimming.

We said our goodbyes and thank yous, and we all boarded the bus to head back to the hotel.

Most of us quickly changed into swimsuits and headed down to the beach. We also did some shopping on the way. While at the beach, we swam and played a riveting game of volleyball.

Soon after, we hurried back to the hotel for dinner. Dora, the owner of our hotel, cooked us a delicious meal and we ate while going over the schedule for the next day. Afterward, we journaled about the Castelo Garcia D’Avila and its connections to modern-day Brazil. We discussed its ties to the HUM II question that mention the power and powerless. Some of the group went to get ice cream, then finally after a long day, we all went to bed.

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