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Via Miles Savitz:

In the morning we all had to be down in our hotel lobby for breakfast by 7:45, but most of us were down already and decided to start eating earlier. Breakfast was made up of mostly fruit and pastries. After everyone finished breakfast we grabbed our gear and started walking to a nearby school (Escola Municipal São Francisco). A large percent of the group was not feeling great, but we all made the trip.

The group had first been planning to go to the high school, but many of the teachers had gone on strike so we went to the middle school. We went to the local community center to take advantage of the extra space that it provided. Once we got to the center, two of the NMH students had to go back because they did not feel well. But we persevered and started talking with the 9th grade Brazilian students. After a while, they had to go get their food, so we practiced our dance routine on the stage.

When the students got back we went back and forth exchanging dancing, singing, and poems. Once both groups presented we started a collaborative art project. Both groups made their own two paintings of their culture and the others' names. We then exchanged them to bring them to our respective schools. After we finished talking with the students a few of the kids went with us to lunch at a buffet and we talked with them about their lives.

Via Jada Scotland:

After lunch, we were granted free time to walk the main street of Praia do Forte to explore. Then, we visited a whale institute named the Projecto Baleia Jubarte or "The Humpback Whale Project." It was there that we learned of the plight of over-whaling in Bahia and the decision to outlaw commercial whaling. We discussed, in particular, humpback whales and the current effort of their conservation.

We were also made aware of the strategic setting of the institute. It was built in Praia do Forte because this area is a popular mating and feeding ground for these whales. This center also studies the Guiana dolphin in a project called Projecto Boto Sotalia do Sul. We also learned about sustainable living, such as waste management, environmental issues such as tourism, and different types of whale behavior.

During our lecture, we were introduced to three people. Cassio was a forest guide who now informs children about agriculture, Andiara was an educator, and Adaulto was a poet.

At dinner, we indulged ourselves with a variety of noodles from a restaurant that served Asian cuisine and juices such as lemon, passion fruit, and pineapple. For dessert, we went out for a treat: blended açaí served with banana slices and granola.

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