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Via Eliza Mann:

Today was another fun-packed day, starting with an amazing buffet breakfast at the hotel including a variety of different cakes, fruits, juices, and made to order omelets.

After suiting up with sunscreen and bug spray, we hopped in the vans and headed to the ferry terminal, singing together during the van ride. The boat ride to Itaparica island was great and very hot as the sun was beaming on us, and Diego bought us pineapple and coconut ice cream from a vender on the boat.

We went to a one-room capoeira school and learned about the history of capoeira from three masters, and were taught some moves.

These moves included avoiding leg swings from the masters, getting down on the floor and headbutting.

Then the masters performed for us and it was amazing. We ate a lunch of bean and meat stew, rice, juice and vegetables made by the masters, and enjoyed watermelon for dessert.

Via Michael Patterson:

After lunch, we listened to and many students played Capoeira music. Poeple played the tambourine, drums, and other instruments. People also played the Berimbau, a stringed instrument in the shape of a bow and arrow made out of a gourd.

After that we all got up and did samba. We danced while the Capoeira masters played music, accompanied in the beginning by Benji Prickett’s ukulele. We then got on our bus to go across the island to Quilombo Ilha.

There we met with project leaders of Project do Deus. We did an activity where we introduced ourselves and wrote down a word, both in Portuguese. We then learned about their initiative. They told us that they won many soccer tournaments with NMH jerseys we donated. Some of the students drummed for us and we had desert.

After that we drove to the ferry and went back to Salvador. As we were getting on the ferry we saw a pod of dolphins. We ended the day by having a pizza pool party and journaling.