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Via Lillie Richards:

We started our day with a long fun filled ride to Cachoeira. When we arrived in Cachoeira we went to a Candomble house / church for a brief history and religion lesson.

Next, we visited the Chamber House and Jail (Casa Da Câmara E Cadeia) to learn about how the prisoners once lived.

After visiting the jail, we headed straight to the Carmelite Convent to learn about the multiple representations of Jesus, as well as other details of the church.

For lunch we went to the hotel portion of the Convent and had a delicious meal of fish, noodles, plantains, and much more.

Our next stop was the cigar factory (Instituto Dannemann) where we watched cigars being made from the balcony. We also had a brief lesson about the process of growing tobacco and making cigars.

After the cigar factory, we had a samba presentation and class with the lovely Caroline Morais and her family. Everyone was up, dancing, and having a great time!

For our last stop, we drove to a Candomble house of worship where we looked at the different figures and images included in Candomble.

When we left the house, we got back in the vans for a long drive to our last destination, Praia do Forte!

To wrap up our day, we had a lovely dinner at the hotel and went for a stroll in the town.

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