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We spent most of today traveling from Rio de Janeiro to Salvador de Bahia. A few intrepid members of our group woke up early in the five o’clock hour to walk to the beach and watch the sunrise of their last day in Rio.

Having time in the airport terminal before boarding gave us time both to write reflectively and to practice our motor skills.

Students cooled off in their new hotel’s small rooftop pool before meeting and speaking with a few local university students. They all worked in groups to brainstorm ideas and share information relevant to the term papers that the NMH students are preparing.

We returned to the roof for an outdoor dinner. Local chefs were kind enough to come to the hotel and prepare a wonderful meal of dishes influenced by Yoruba cuisine.

Having already visited the Brazilian Academy of Letters, students read and discussed a short story by that society’s first founder, Machado de Assis, before heading to bed early in preparation for the busy day ahead.

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  1. Another great post! Thanks for keeping us in the loop!