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Post written by trip leader, Meg Donnelly:

We gave ourselves a bit of a sleep in since we have been on the go nonstop since we landed. Yesterday we left the coast and made our way to Rotorua which is an area famous for its sulphur hot springs. The area was the spot for the first tourists to New Zealand in the 1800's who came to see the Pink Terraces. They were escorted to the terraces by Maori guides creating the first tourist interest in Maori people as well. Although the terraces were buried by a volcanic eruption, we toured the "buried village" which helped us connect our geology, history and literature studies. 

This morning we started with a class on Katherine Mansfield's story "Miss Brill", which also prompted a conversation about the definitions of Romance, Tragedy and Comedy, taking us from Aristotle to Northrop Frye. The afternoon was our Spellbound adventure in to two of the over 400 caves in the area. One was a wet cave and the other a dry cave. Stalactites and stalagmites, Moa bones, a giant cave weta, and of course, glow worms were the featured highlights.

A great day! Now many are writing in their journals, doing laundry, and in a bit we will enjoy dinner together. 

English class while traveling in New Zealand!

Entering the caves!

Inside one of the caves.

Katie and James tried to catch an eel!