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The Reflection Lake written by Alexa Licata '17:

On Thursday the 23rd, our group was lucky enough to be given a perfect day by Fox Glacier Town. We set out on three different hikes throughout the day. My personal favorite was our last hike. After a quick dinner, we rushed over to Lake Matheson for the sunset. We were told by our teachers that if we were lucky, and if we were there at just the right time, we could see the reflections of mounts Cook and Tasman on the lake. After a short walk on a dirt path through the woods, we arrived at a little wooden dock just off the path. We got there just in time to see the reflection of the sunset just starting to appear on the water and to see the mountains peeking out from behind the clouds. What made this moment so incredible to me was the feeling that came over me while I was sitting on the edge of the dock looking out across the water. I had my feet just hovering over the dark lake and my eyes fixated on the image in front of me. A sense of comfort and familiarity came over me as the reflection became more clear. Through our busy schedule on this journey, I have found joy in the little moments that bring a sense of calm and peace. This was one of those moments and I am grateful to have experienced it on such a beautiful day with our group that I now can call family.

View from Lake Matheson looking out to Horokoau / Mt. Tasman and Aoraki / Mt. Cook (photo: David Reeder)

Bob's Spot Found written by Andy Manos '17:

Those who are familiar with Bob Ross landscapes may think that he is a fictitious painter: creating beautiful but maybe mythical scenes. I assure you that in New Zealand some sights are as majestic as even the boldest of Bob Ross. Here we see things that seem more like paintings than nature. This Thursday I watched cadmium orange snowfields on the distant peak of a cobalt Mt. Cook as the sun set and the mountains reflected perfectly on the placid water of Lake Matheson. Few people will find clear enough weather to witness this sight in it’s entirety -- Westland is famously rainy but not for us -- in our rare moment the view was sincerely too good to be true.

View from the beach below the Truman Track. (Photo: David Reeder)

Pororari River written by Autumn Hauser '17:

This past Tuesday our group walked along the beautiful Pororari River. The path was covered in soft moss draped over the hanging branches. We joked and told riddles on the way. After about an hour's walk through the woods we stopped to skip rocks and swim. The water was freezing! Trying to keep balanced on the slippery rocks as we waded through the rushing current was a feat and ended in many laughs. Being all together at the river taking in the beauty of our surroundings and appreciating good company is what so much of this trip has been about. Although it didn’t go without David Reeder (Doc Rock) our geology teacher telling us the stories of the rocks we were throwing and the larger rocks that made up the landscape.

Visiting a "gneiss" set of rocks below the Franz Joseph glacier on South Island. (Photo: David Reeder)