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Post written by James Burton '19

Our day started at 4am Thursday Nov 3rd. We woke up anxious and ready to get up and start our adventure! We met as a group in front of Blake Student Center at 4:50 and left at 5:20 in a van to Hartford, CT. Even with our minds racing almost all of us were able to fall asleep on the one hour and twenty minute drive to the airport. When we arrived we checked into our first flight to Newark as well as the second leg of our trip, a 14 hour flight from Newark to Beijing. 

After going through security we had another hour to eat breakfast before we boarded the plane for our departure. This was a short flight, as it only took 48 minutes from Hartford to Newark, but then we had to get on the longest flight of our lives. Through many movies, reading, and little sleep, finally, after 13 hours we arrived in Beijing. After a long 22-23 hour travel day we have safely arrived at our hotel in Beijing. We all have settled into our rooms before going out to an authentic Chinese dinner for our first night in China.

The group gathered in front of Blake before leaving for the airport!
Photo by Charlie Tierney