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Post written by Mikayla Gilliam '19:

Yesterday we walked three kilometers in the Longmen Grottos to see the limestone carvings of the grand Buddha. We also saw the oldest cave that the Tang Dynasty had created. During this time the dynasty was filled with wealth and prosperity, which was evident in the carvings. One area within the Grottoes allowed us to see panoramic views of the breathtaking figures.

After eating lunch nearby, we made our way to both the Shaolin Temple, where we watched a Kung Fu demonstration, and the Pagoda Forest. At the temple we saw monks performing their 4:30pm prayer by a tree that has been there since the temple was first built. In the Pagoda Forest we learned that the number of floors a pagoda symbolizes their importance in Buddhism.

Before making our way back to the hotel, we ate sweet potatoes and black noodles at a local farmer's house for dinner.