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Today we woke up early and headed to Peter Hall for breakfast. We then hopped on a bus to the Yutong Bus Factory in Zhengzhou. This factory is the largest factory in the world with over 40,000 employees! It was fascinating to tour and to watch the process of making these buses.

Next we took a van ride to Zhengzhou's No. 6 High School in the province of Hen'an. We were greeted with a warm welcome from the vice principal and other teachers. After eating lunch in the cafeteria, we took a tour of the campus and learned about the history of the school. This school was founded in 1948 and has gone through many changes through the years. Today it has a middle school and high school, which are on two separate campuses. We also learned about education in China, specifically the value of test taking and scores. After our tour, we went to the second campus and sat in a class with students. In the class we learned some Chinese culture, history, and words and phrases.  We were able to interact with students as well! I got a chance to talk with a girl from the area who was in our grade. We talked about food and culture and compared school and our lives. It was nice to get to talk with someone our age and to get an idea of what it is like to grow up in China. Next we came back to SIAS for dinner at Peter Hall. After a delicious dinner, we studied math. We ended the night with a fun scavenger hunt through the town streets!

Getting to know students at the No. 6 High School in Hen'an

Outside of the Yutong Bus Factory