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Post written by Adele Spindle '19:

After a long overnight train ride, today we woke up in Xi'an! We first drove to the hotel and went to the breakfast buffet where many of us ate a mixture of western and Chinese food. After some rest and studying for math, we went to a different restaurant for lunch.

After lunch we visited the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, a Buddhist temple where many monks currently live. We learned that although not all Chinese people are religious, 20% of them practice Buddhism. We walked around and viewed the monuments. Following that, we were taught how calligraphy was created and how it evolved throughout time. We then went to the Ancient City Wall where we rented bikes and rode along half of the wall. We got to experience what the wall is used for in the modern day and to learn about its use in the past.

Finally our day ended with a traditional hot pot dinner where we each had the chance to cook our own meal with boiling water and several ingredients, such as meats, vegetables and noodles. Today was one of the many full-packed, exciting days of our trip!