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Post written by Chris Dye '18:

Scots College is an all-boy school in Wellington, New Zealand, with grades ranging from Kindergarten to Senior year of high school. Consisting of about 850 boys, about 10% of boys are boarders, while the rest commute from the surrounding city.

4 days after I finished my last exam and left NMH, I got on a 22 hour flight to Wellington to attend Scots College. When I arrived, I was greeted by a very friendly faculty of their international department, named Mrs. Leanne Chote. After a very brief tour, and a basic rundown of the basic schedule of the day, I picked up my uniform, which included a lovely school blazer. After I got my uniform, I met Guy Pascoe, the director of international education, who helped me develop a schedule for myself. I was then showed to my room, where I met my roommate, Reymond, who was from China.

Also when I arrived, I was notified that I would be in Mawson house, one of the eight houses on campus, like the houses from the Harry Potter series. These houses compete in games and other competitions, as well as gather every week to discuss school happenings as well as compete in said competitions. I was assigned to Mawson because the student that exchanged at our school, Kiwa, is the prefect of the Mawson house, and the idea was that he would help me get used to the school.

The classes I am taking at Scots includes a business and accounting course, two science classes, mathematics, history, and physical education. In addition to classes, I also play pickup soccer or touch rugby. Everyone has been very friendly and helpful to my assimilation into the school, especially considering its differences from NMH.

Since this weekend was a public holiday in New Zealand, the school closed and I moved to stay at a homestay with a friendly family and their three kids. During this time, I explored Wellington, which has a very strong cafe and beach culture. I was able to walk to three different cafes in three different days and grab lunch for a decently low price. I also took some pictures of the beautiful landscape, including a picture of the whole city from the top of Mt. Victoria, the highest mountain in the city.

My experience so far has been wonderful, full of nice people, helpful teachers, and an incredible city and country. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who is interested in getting a new experience, and going to a stunning country. I will be providing an update in about two weeks, where I will talk about my experience as a whole before I leave to return to the US.

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  1. Hey Chris - Thanks for the update. Wellington is where I grew up, and I had great times wandering the hills of Mounts Victoria, Tinakori and Kaukau. I went to St Pats Town and we would play against Scots at cricket, rugby etc. I hope you are able to get out of town sometimes and see the beautiful coastline north of Wellington, or even to catch the ferry across to the South Island. Enjoy your visit. Kia ora.