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       This weekend we were visited by the well-known Indian doctor, Dr. Nisar. A long time friend of Colonel Singh, the doctor heard of our coming to Joybells and, despite his managing of multiple clinics as well as his own personal patients in Poona, he decided to fly up and join us for the weekend. As a practitioner of Arya Vedic medicine, Dr. Nisar seems nearly supernatural in both methods and results. He takes your pulse for 30 seconds with three fingers while whispering to himself and after can give you a full medical breakdown of your personal health. He was able to tell from my pulse that I had had surgery on my collarbone, and from Malcolm’s pulse, a history of concussions. Spooky stuff. 
       Over the course of the weekend, the good doctor shared with us both his knowledge and practices of Arya Vedic treatment, giving us long sessions of mindful yoga and meditations. We ate silently and chanted before our meals, experiencing completely foreign forms of eastern spiritualism. Quickly, our weekend came to replicate a 70’s excursion to an ashram. A highlight of our meditative experiences was our “stare at a candle until you cry” meditation. While I didn’t fully grasp the spiritual plane I had surely entered, I still enjoyed the peaceful flickering of the candle as it slowly ate away at the wick. 

      The weekend concluded with what I consider the most spiritual session of all; A mud bath battle royale. The kids surrounded us as we went at each other in what can only be called the most competitive bout of mud-sports that Joybells has ever seen. However, as I scooted along on an empty gravel sack through a pool of mud while my co-teachers threw mud at me from the sidelines, I can only imagine I was scooting towards enlightenment.