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                                      We marvel at the ancient sundials that give the accurate time to the second.

                                                     How we love a great bargain!

                                                     The Hindu Temple is behind us here.

By the holy waters of the Sikh Temple

Our First Day in India       Blog written by Jessica Yang

           Today was our first day in India. We did sightseeing in New Delhi, Starting with a Hindu temple constructed by the British government in 1917. The temple is one of the best preserved in the country, with elephant head statues carved into the pillars and slates of proverbs hanging on the walls.  After a brief stop at a Buddhist temple, we arrived at a Sikh temple, which serves meals to more than 25, 000 people every day.  After that, we visited an observatory and marvelled at the scientific advancement and architectural sophistical of the ancient Indian scientists. The last stop of the day was Dilly Haat, the famous market place. Everyone bargained for worthy clothes and souvenirs. Moreover, we bought beautiful pants that we will wear in the coming weeks. We all had an exciting day and we look forward to meeting the children at Joybells tomorrow.