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Hi all, we've enjoyed the past two days in Belize. We have enjoyed very long days and have been well fed and well cared for. Today, we head to the Pallotti School in Belize City to play with and work with high school string players. 

Recap from Tian: “Yesterday after an early start to the day, we took a water taxi to San Pedro, with one and a half hours travel time. With the little over-refreshing wind blowing in our faces, we were a little shaky getting off the boat after such a long journey. Immediately after, we went glass bottom boat gazing, and we were amazed to see the stingrays, turtles, sharks, and numerous googley-eyed fish. One of these fish was rather fond of lurking under our boat, which became a great topic of discussion. We spent the afternoon on the beach and it was a great time to enjoy each other’s company as well as the sun and waves. Our evening concluded with the journey back, a beautiful sunset, and laughs and conversations over dinner.”

Recap from Cate: “We have only been here for a couple of days but we have already done so much! While today was an amazing tourist day complete with watching sharks from a glass bottom boat and jumping into the water off of a pier in Caye C, we have also been able to experience some music. Yesterday was definitely a high of the trip when our group heard a youth marimba band. All of the members of the band were so into the music that they had to offer us, and it was inspiring to see how dedicated all of them are. The marimba band is an amazing example of how incredible music can be. As the week continues the chamber orchestra hopes to make more special connections with young musicians in Belize.”