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Here we go!

The Hum II South Africa trip has just arrived at JFK and we are preparing to depart on our journey to South Africa. After several months of anticipation, we are ready to transition from reading about South African history, religion and literature to experiencing it firsthand. We will split our time between Cape Town and Johannesburg, and over the next two weeks, students will populate this blog with their journal entries, photos, reflections, and perhaps a selfie or two along the way. Our trip leaders include Susan Kennedy, World Religions teacher; Caswell Nilsen, World History teacher; Chris Wade, World Literature teacher (I'll be writing the blog); and Angela Yang-Handy, directory of the CIE and NMH's Center for Learning Through Action.

Keep checking this blog to learn more about our experiences and interactions with the people of South Africa. We look forward to sharing our trip with you!


  1. Looking forward to reading all about this wonderful journey! Take good care NMH students and all the fantastic teachers accompanying them!

  2. I can't wait to hear about all the fabulous experiences in South Africa! Enjoy every moment!