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Post Written by Sally Komarek:

 After months of anticipation, we have arrived to Boston Logan Airport and are about to embark on our journey to India. For the next 15 days, we will be exploring the rich history, cultures, and traditions within the state of Rajasthan, exploring New Delhi, Jodhpur, Jaipur, and other towns and cities in India. We are very much looking forward to our extended stays at Sambhali Trust and Barefoot College, two organizations geared towards educating and aiding under-resourced and often marginalized groups, such as women and individuals below the poverty line. We are so grateful to have this opportunity to explore such a vibrant region of the globe, and are looking forward to pushing beyond our comfort zones as we immerse ourselves in new places, cultures, and explore their traditions and ways of life.

Our travel group of 12 students and 4 faculty members have grown to become like family this semester. Each day, the students attend World Religions with Kim Fillion, World History with myself, Sally Komarek, and a math class individualized to their level and placement. This group of 12 students have been an outstanding group to teach, and bonded over the past two months to create a dynamic and lively classroom environment. The students support and challenge each other to better understand key concepts and material, and together have overcome a wealth of intense assignments and intellectual obstacles. I am hopeful that their strong academic relationships and willingness to be vulnerable in the classroom will transfer to our exploration of India!

Over the next two weeks, students will be populating this blog with their journal entries, photos, reflections, and maybe a selfie or two along the way. Keep checking this blog to learn more about our experiences and interactions with the people of India. We look forward to sharing our trip with you!!