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Post written by Sophie Basescu '17:

Today we woke up to a slight drizzle, but as we would later find out, when it rains at Joybells, it’s time to get up and get going. After breakfast, we launched into our first day of teaching the bright, motivated students who live here. After a full day of teaching, we trekked down the road to an Indian convenience store where we indulged in some much needed Lays Potato Chips. While we were at the store, the day’s constant drizzle turned into a full on downpour. The walk back to the orphanage soaked us all to the core, but when we arrived back, instead of drying off and staying indoors, we engaged in an intense game of soccer with the kids in the pouring rain. Hours later, feet sore from playing, covered in mud from the many slips and collisions on the muddy field, and happy even though we had been thoroughly pummeled by the kids, we returned to our quarters and showered, finally getting clean after a long and busy day. Happy and content as I am writing this, we are sitting, playing music and watching the sky get darker and darker, blending into the foothills of the Himalayas, until the sky turns black and the day is over. 

Gordon and Jessica teaching.

Julius teaching with Bananagrams.

Malcolm and Tyriq teaching.

Sophie also using Bananagrams to teach.

Nevada and Mary.

Tyriq and new friends!

Soccer match in the rain!

Big smiles despite the weather.

The players beat the elements together! 


  1. Great post Sophie - thank you for bringing us up to date on what you have all been doing. Looks like good times. Sophia Burton

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