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Post written by Simon Basescu '17:

        Wednesday was the nicest day we’ve had so far. We taught classes in the morning but cancelled the afternoon classes and instead went on a hike through the mountains with all of the kids. We made it a surprise, like NMH Mountain Day. We were walking along an open man-made canal that was about two feet wide and as we walked, we would fill up our water bottles and throw water on each other. We hiked up to a swimming hole where the kids played and splashed. Jessica and Atta gave their cameras to the kids for the hike and they took hundreds of photos. Everyone seemed to have a great time and it gave us more of a chance to bond with the kids outside of class and our soccer games. 
          Thursday was a little different from our usual days here. A while ago the Joybells children decided not to eat their lunch on Thursdays and instead give it to the poor children in the slums outside of Prem Negar, We all fasted with the children that day too. Malcolm, Julius, Sophie, Hunter, Atta and I accompanied three of the older Joybells children to serve the food in the slums. It was an experience I am glad to have gone through but also a hard thing to see. I was happy that we had enough food for those who came, and that we did not have to turn anyone down. It was incredible to see how happy all the Joybells students are to be helping the poor. 
Gordon and kids on the hike.
        After returning, we gathered all the students for a surprise for the 6th graders. They are about to start a new distance learning curriculum like the older students at the orphanage. They will be assigned a teacher to correspond with online. We surprised each one of them with a new chrome book that was purchased in the US from donations and funds that were raised at NMH during the past year.  The students will use them to write their lessons and correspond with their teachers. After the blessing and the ceremony, we all gathered for tea and cookies and sweets. Then we played a game of soccer against them and won for the first time with the help of  two of the kids, Dorjay and Suman who played on our team. It is great to see how much closer we get each day with the children here and how the friendships are developing. 
Hiking in the mountains.

Sophie and girls on the hike.

Hunter gets a haircut.

Julius and friends.

Sixth graders with their new chrome books.

Nevada get's her hair braided.

Jessica, Tyriq, Simon, Kaiji, Malcolm and friends!