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Post written by Kaiji Takaoka, Julius Burton, and Malcolm Cochran:

As our first week in India draws to a close, we begin to adapt to our daily routine as well as the Indian lifestyle. With each new day opening with a glorious view of the Himalayan foothills, student teachers congregate to eat breakfast and to prepare for a day of teaching several classes. With fresh mangos and chapatis in our stomachs, we walk down the gravel path to the school with a light drizzle bringing us cool relief from the summer heat. 
We arrive at the school where the children have organized themselves into prayer formation. They sing many devotional hymns in English, Hindi and Ladakhi. After the morning meeting, we teachers ascend to the second floor of the school, and the real work begins. I start my day in the sixth grade class where the students are still gathering their books. When I walk into the classroom I am greeted with a loud  “Good Morning, Julius-Sir”. (Julius) My first class is with the oldest children, the 10th graders.  We review the French revolution for the first part of class and then we move on to socialism. I am continually impressed with their focus and eagerness  to learn. (Malcolm) By the end of the day, we are battered veterans, shell shocked from the rigors of teaching. Heavy rains in the afternoon prevent us from our usual soccer match today, so the remainder of the day offers us time for recuperation. We relax, play and plan for tomorrow, until the sun fades behind the hills.

Tyriq and Sonam. 

It's party time!
Gordon teaching math.

Hunter, Malcolm and Henry teaching history. 

Nevada and Kaiji coloring with students.

Simon and Leela with the kids.

Malcolm with students on the stairs.

Nevada and Mary. 
Julius with student. 

Simon and students at work. 

Sophie and Jessica on a walk.