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Post written by Hunter Slade '17:

Today when we woke up, we were looking forward to climbing a foothill of the Himalayas but unfortunately, were unable to hike due to the weather. However, we all got to play with the kids and show them cool tricks for a while. Magic Tricks were very popular as well as Kendama. The kids also enjoyed making bracelets with the student teachers. The rain was intruding on our fun but we worked through it and had a great time anyway. Fortunately, we were able to visit an amazing Sikh temple in the early afternoon. We all put on our scarves and prayed and meditated when we were led into the temple. The inside was very cool; it had a shrine in memory of a tiger. We were taken outside and were given a lot of food and water. The food was spectacular and just when we were getting full, they brought out more food!  The food continued to come, and then they offered us an Indian  dessert similar to a cookie and a funnel cake. It was very, very sweet. To top it off, we were given chai tea which was above par. The afternoon went as usual: we competed with the kids in an intense game of soccer, playing until we could no longer move. We ended up losing by one single point but we all had fun. We are eager to play with the kids again and hopefully win!

In addition to the events described by Hunter, the students also enjoyed cleaning our living area, Indian style. A field trip on Sunday offered a visit to a spectacular Buddhist temple and another Hindu temple in the heart of bustling Dehradun. There is so much to see and learn here in India, and the students are soaking it all up with great spirit and interest. What a terrific group! - Atta Kurzmann

Posing in front of a Buddhist temple in Dehradun.

Jessica, Sophie and Nevada working together to clean the living area.

Simon and Kaiji cleaning more of the living area.

Rain or shine, smiles across the board. 

Sophie and Rangdol. 

Turban boys.