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Post written by TA student, Wanghaixin Peng '16:

After a twenty hour journey, our students finally arrived at Beijing International Airport at midnight. Both exhausted and hungry, they decided to go on a food hunt on the street where they found delicious soup noodles and steamed buns.
The soup noodles we ate on the first day.
The next day, our students busily started their journey in Beijing. In the morning, they rode a rented bus to the Tian’anmen Square and then the Forbidden City. The Forbidden City had been the royal palace for 24 emperors over a long course of six hundred years. Besides the grandiose ancient palaces, what also surprised them was the number of people crowding over the place!
The Square of the Forbidden City.
The arch of the Forbidden City.

On Thursday, the students had their unforgettable experience climbing the Great Wall. “It is so much deeper than I though!” the students exclaimed by seeing the shocking scene before them when they got off the bus. Will Desautels, Patterson Malcom and Simon Van Baaren took the lead, speeding up the stone stairs which had no end in sight.The rest of the group slowly but determinedly made their way up. 
The view from the Great Wall.
The Great Wall.

We made it!

 On his way, Subin Lee tried to put his luggage lock along with the couple locks on the chain.

After an exhausting hike, the students traveled to the Summer Palace to see some awesome Shan Shui—in Chinese meaning mountains and water. 

To learn more about Chinese culture, the students were led to Chinese 茶馆 where they enjoyed the tea-making show and tasted five types of Chinese tea. In the evening, they transferred to the train station and ended their busy trip in Beijing in their beds on the train to Xi’an with a new journey awaiting them!

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