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Post written by TA, Wanghaixin Peng '16: 

Coming back from the Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden, the students arrived at SIAS Hotel at 10 p.m. and they knew they better go to bed soon because ahead of them was another week of classes!

On Monday morning, the students learned reading strategies and in the afternoon went to the International Students Building to have a lesson in Chinese cultural values and auspicious symbols.
Studying hard!

In the classroom...
 The professor passed around her collection of jade with different patterns and talked about the traditional meaning behind each pattern.
At 8 p.m. they had two hours of study hall to review, to do homework or to read ahead. Based on the students’ individual level, the teachers assign them different homework to meet their needs and to get ready for next year’s classes. One student who already finished AP Chinese attended classes with SIAS international students, and he also worked with Peng and Jing for his own improvement in Chinese. The five students on this trip who are taking AP Chinese next year also received a special gift from Jing and Hank to help them stretch their reading ability—an AP practice package! The other students mainly focused on verbal skills. 

On Thursday, we are leaving the campus to Jiyuan for three days. During these days, we will be visiting a local high school and a middle school, and each student will spend one night with a local family. Since Jiyuan is a countryside, it may not have the best internet connection and as a result it will be hard for us to communicate with the people outside of China. Once we get back from Jiyuan, we will post our next blog no later then Monday.