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As the Chinese Language Immersion Program just arrived in Beijing this week, it inspired the CIE to bring back this highlight reel from the Fall 2014 Humanities II China program! 

The HUM 2 programs are unique in that the students not only follow the sophomore Humanities curriculum during the semester, but also spend two weeks studying and traveling abroad. The program allows students to take a close look at the themes of their courses in a particular setting and context. Studying abroad takes them to different parts of a country, including schools, countryside, historic neighborhoods, and sophisticated cities, as shown in the film below. Students meet a variety of people, from economic, spiritual and political leaders to students like themselves.   

This video is filmed and edited by Jackson Spindle '17. Be sure to pop on your headphones to groove on the fantastic soundtrack. For those students who have just arrived in China, enjoy a sneak preview of a few places you will visit!