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While NMH students are set to arrive back on campus Monday night, 22 of them are already preparing for another departure!

On Wednesday, the group of students and four faculty members will be traveling to Brazil as part of the Sophomore Humanities II Study Abroad program. These students have studied the regular Humanities curriculum in World Literature, World History and World Religions. However, they also have the opportunity to travel to Brazil to study some of the course's central themes in a different context and through a different medium.

While in Brazil, students will be able to interact with a variety of people including Brazilian peers, university professors, government officials, religious leaders, business representatives, and community volunteers.

Much more than a simple tour, we'll be visiting sites that help us better understand the historical forces that have shaped the country.

Students are also responsible for reporting on one site or topic while in the country. When they return, they'll be putting together their field research into a more comprehensive study of their topic.

Check out the map below to see where we'll be heading. In the two weeks, we have time to explore two main locations, Rio and areas around Salvador.

Stay tuned to this website to hear more updates of our travels!

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