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As the group prepared for our departure to Brazil today, we thought critically about what we wanted to get out of our trip, as well as the ways that we could share our experiences with our community when we return.

Jessica Yang '17 wrote that "the biggest excitement is always, just to see something different. Candomble, Samba, whatever is on the itinerary simple contributes to the experience of witnessing diversity and another way to live... Therefore, what I want to get out of this trip, is probably a better and more thorough sense of their culture."

Rintaro Shinohara '17 wants "to make totally new memories and experiences that I could have possible never have experienced in the United States or back at home." In thinking about ways to bring these experiences back to share with others, Rintaro wrote that we can do this "not only by taking pictures, but also by meeting new people...and writing down all of our thoughts in the moment... A mindset for valuing every moment may be needed as well."

Waiting for our first leg of the flight from Boston to Atlanta, Natalia Tu '17 delivered our first student-led country report. Natalia is researching the period of military dictatorship in Brazil from 1964-1985. Students were asked to do initial research on their topic prior to departure, and then present on their topic while in country. Additionally, students are learning how to conduct field research on their topics, and will then incorporate that new information in a more comprehensive essay upon return.

Here's Natalia discussing her topic with the group!